Stean cleaning engine bay

My new love will need its engine- bay cleaned… however I note that on some wiring connectors the outer sleeve of the cable has pulled away from the connector exposing the small wires inside possibly allowing moisture to enter the connector.
So is it Wise to steam clean ??
What should I do about the exposed wires.

OK, I’ve always wondered this but alwasy been steered away as the very idea of Lotus - Electrics - High pressure steam seems to be a very bad idea LOL!

So just get a few can’s of engine degreaser, a hose pipe and a wee bit of elbow grease and it should be clean-up-able no worries

mr bean

if the wires are attached to spade connectors, then i’d remove the spade from within the plastic housing and put some heatshrink sleeve over it before putting the spade back into the housing. If this isn’t possible, then you could cut the wire… put some sleeving on and solder the wires together before heat shrinking the sleeving. Otherwise you just need to resort to insulating tape i think…

On the steam clean front, I agree with RL and would use degreaser and a hose… a pressure wash will get water into everything and might give you headaches…

Thanks guys…Shrink sleeves sound a good repair guess they come from electrical wholesalers?
Gunk it is then…in the garden sprayer …'er indoors will love that.

Bodywork needs a good polish ( Exige not Er indoors) whats the recommended polish??

Mr Bean

yeh you should get some heatshrink from electrical wholesalers… you can get stuff that has an epoxy coating inside it so when you heat it, it melts and provides a hermetically sealed joint… search the WWW for heat shrink sleeve … should get you something…