Std S2 Toyota airbox

Any one got one lying around that they don’t need ?

Despeerate to get hold of one for tomorrow.



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I think I might have

What would it comprise of?

Not sure I have actual filter though

Two black plastic mouldings with a rubber corrugated pipe coming off one end and a cardboard like snorkle coming off the other end.

Would be a life saver if you have :smiley:

Diag here: Parts Shop - Bell and Colvill


I am technically retarded

Send me your email and I’ll send you pic of what I can find but it doesn’t look like it is all there

Never really checked what CNs sent me back!

[email protected]



Email sent


Still on the look out if anybody has one.


Do you need it all Henry? I’ve got the snorkel, one side of the filter box and a (used)filter. Basically all the bits you take off when fitting the TRD.

Any use??

Thanks Pete, but it’s all the other bits I need.

I want to end up with the TRD.

I can get the TRD easily but need the original half of the airbox with the sensor and pipe to the engine.

I gave mine away and many people I know have chucked theirs.

Been looking all day as I need for mapping on Monday :crazy:



Ah I understand.
Sounds like you need to find someone whos’ done an engine conversion but kept the bits. Have you tried Steve Williams?
Or Lakeside?
Its a shame BoT are closed this week also.

Good luck.


Talk to me on Sat night, I’ve kept all, but I’m not sure what you’re up to!

Hi Graeme,

Need it tomorrow.

Cars going up to Liverpool for a remap on Monday and sincs need to fit it and prep the car by end of tomorrow.

For teh new map the TRD seems to work best. Sincs have a trd but need the old std airbox and pipe.

Can I buy yours ?


Best regs