Stax Instruments

Evening All,

This may sound just a touch ‘stupid’, but started the red beastie earlier this evening … and the rev counter arm fell off!!! I can see the central hub still rotating as it should but the little orange arm just lies forlorn at the bottom of the glass.

So does anyone know if its possible to take the face off and glue it back on? PLEASE don’t tell me its a sealed unit and I’ll have to a) Get a new one, or b) Send it back to be repaired? That REALLY would be a pain in the backside



Richard, if the face is plastic, it is a piece of cake. If it is glass, you need to be careful.

Richard, if the face is plastic, it is a piece of cake.

He wants to fix the bloody thing, not eat it!

So … are we talking ‘a couple of screw-drivers’ and a bit of leverage and voila! Pop the facia off? Or take the unit out … open it up from the back, and remove the facia in an altogether more structured manner?

Take it out and then pop it off from the front, no need to go in via the back. Unless you are a Bill Oddie lookalike, pissed in a tent in France, with only a blow up doll for company…


Oi, 83man, what you laffing at?


Forget Bill Oddie…does this fella look familiar?



Sir Les leaves me for dead when it comes to going in through the back

and if you were hinting at a similiarity between Sir Les and me, well, you need glasses… my hair is much neater

And, Ben, you couldn’t possibly confuse Muddy Talker with either Pesky or Bill Oddie. The former always gets the bird while the other two are always chasing the bird! IYSWIM