Stax Instruments

Are Exige and Elise Instrument clusters interchangable???
Are replacements easy to fit??

For S1s:
yes and easy

Got a prob with yours MrBean?


i have one in perfect condition if u need it.

Yes my fuel gauge reads “REFILL” when full and 21 liters when nearly empty…and everything else in between.
I try to refil at 150 miles BUT if I forget to reset…can be a pain trying to work out when to refil…track day consumption is the real problem as the consumption is a little less…at 120mph in 4th.

Nicolas ,…whats your price??

That’s not the Stack problem. I’m pretty sure if you plug in another it will read the same.
If I was you I would take a look at the sender inside the tank.

Thanks … That sounds fun but guess new sender is cheaper than a new instrument…ERrrr is it accessable without a full dismantling?? ::o

Never done it, but AFAIK you have to take the tank off.

But if you’ve got to do it, you’ve got to do it. Wait until you finish the tank though, it’ll be much easier to handle when empty.

Unfortunatly the access panel behind the passanger seat that allows you to see the top of the fuel pump / sender is not big enough to allow you to remove it. It simply will not fit through the hole. The only way to remove the sender is to remove the whole tank, which drops out through the floor. A pig of a job.

An alternative is what I did. Basically I made the access hole bigger so that I could remove the pump / sender unit from above. It may sound a bit drastic, but it was easy enough and with the new ally cover I made it looks factory.


yes, enlarge the hole to access the pump!

Thanks guys …Tin snips it is …


Yeah I used a drill and tin snips and then tided it up with a dremel. Remember to vac out all of the ally bits. I made my hole square and it is probably 10 - 15 cm long, by about 8 - 10 cm wide. I then simply cut a bit of ally and made it fit over the whole by about 1 cm all round.

Oh, getting the fule hoses off can be a pig, so don’t be shy with the tin snips. I was trying to keep my hole as small as possible, until I had cut myself for the 20 trillionth time, I then just made the hole bigger and bob’s ya mom!!!



Sounds an interesting winters evening job not needing to be rushed…and with no deadlines such as a track day to be ready for…
Thanks for advice guys …