Starting up a Regular Midlands Meeting

I am looking to start up a Warwickshire & West Midlands area meeting once a month.I have a good location, a great country pub which is the Red Lion in Hunningham (Just north of Warwick) and I am looking to make it one night a month. They have a big car park, good food, and some nice ale on tap…The meeting will be open to anyone with a Lotus, although other interesting cars would also be welcome to come along.Anyone interested in popping along please drop me an email so that once I have enough interest and a date is set I can emails everyone.Cheers [email protected]

Snapper,There is already a Lotus meet in Warwickshire on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Moat House Inn, Kings Coughton near Alcester. Lotus Drivers Club, Club Lotus et al all meet together but you don’t need to be a member of anything to get involved - just turn up and meet other Lotus nuts. See you on the 12th Sep, I hope, when we have a talk by Rob Saul, ex Team Lotus composites and technical guy.Mike

Thanks Mike this is most helpfull and saves me alot of trouble… I have posted in BB’s asking if there area meets in the West Midlands area before and got no response. I shall pass this on to others who has contacted me looking for meeting in this area.Is there a contact number for the organiser???

SnapperCount me in - I live just outside Warwick (I know Mike - 83Man). Email address is in my profile.Mike - How are you - hope to be able to make the 12th - if I can I will see you thereGiles

Hi GilesBeing new to Lotus’s having been a Caterham nutter I am looking forward to meeting others with the same interests…I plan to go along on the 12th Sept, Do you have the contact details for the organiser of the meet???And do you know if they get up to much as a group??RegardsJamie Jones07976 4000 43

Jamie (and Hi Giles)You’re welcome.Points of Contact are:LDC - either me (07974 415496) or Barbara and Arthur Clark (01789 778507) or visit the LDC web site and look into events/midlands (this is new site so not perfect yet). FWIW I am Chairman of LDC.Club Lotus - Dipak Champaneri 07946 734629Glad to see that you both intend to make it on the 12th. We usually muster about 20 - 40 people depending on what’s on the agenda. I’m sure the landlord would welcome more - we have use of the function room at the back of the pub so plenty of room.Mike