Starting problems

Hi guys,

I was just getting ready to come to Donny on Saturday to see you all but my car decided it didn�t want to come with me!

A week or so back the battery completely run flat so I charged it up and its holding its charge ok. The alarms disarming ok, ignitions working fine, fuel pump primes etc, immobiliser appears to turn off ok too but the engine won�t turn over. It seems like there�s no power whatsoever getting through to the starter motor.

I�ve just found these threads HERE and HERE pointing in the direction of the alarm / immobiliser but just wondered if anybody ever found a common cause before I literally try to push it around to Horizon

Thanks in advance



You need to check if you get 12v on the solenoid when you try to turn it over - if you dont then its quite possible its the imobilisor or the crank relay - you can check the relay for 12v from immobilisor or you can short out the imobolisor and “hot wire” it quite easy

If your around weekend give me a shout if you need help


Had a similar problem, was the starter motor solenoid.


Thanks for the replies guys and sorry for the late response, I’ve been out of the office since monday

Andy, If you are free at the weekend I’d really appreciate a hand. I’ll PM you


Problem was worth knowing about

Battery had gone flat - Battery charged without disconnectiong it

Turns over but wont start now …

No output from immobilisor

Disconnected battery and re-connected it

All OK Now !!

So I guess the immobilisor needed a reset

That’s definitely worth remembering for future reference - flat batteries seem a regular thing with a part time car and I never disconnect to charge!