Starting problems

Been away for 2 days come back to drive the car but seems she doesn’t want to start. Cranks over good battery full, sparks on all 4 but doesn’t catch. Removed the spark plugs after cranking and all 4 are whiteish but bone dry ( no fuel going in?) Checked all fuses and have 11v DC on injectors. Any ideas please as I am getting pretty stressed out with this being the second time this week its failed to start. (see melting relay thread.)

had the same. to start i’ve spayed damp start on all electrics and made sure the battery is full charged the exige needs a fully charged battery to start it seems other cars would start with less power in the bat but not the exige (the clever people will be able to tell u why)

Right just before I was going to give in and call the AA I swapped the relay’s around again and its fired up. I pulled the relay housing away from the bulkhead and saw the wire had split and is arching onto the bulkhead, so I’ve repaired that and will have to get another relay again . 3rd time lucky hopefully.

sounds pretty certain that you have found the problem - i wouldn’t think you should have 11volts (should be 12v or 0v)and guess you have found the short in the fuel injector relay path - make sure that’s the only fault and hopefully it’ll be fine from now on.

Hopefully will be sorted this time when the relay died the first time the fuel pump priming sound didn’t happen but now the pump primes but it wont fire?, very strange.