Starting Problems - Fuel Cap Not Venting?

During past few weeks Exige been very reluctant to start in a morning - esp if done long journey day before Noticed at fuel fill up time as soon as insert cap key - tank takes sudden intake of air… so every time I put her to bed now I now vent her tank - do any of you guys think this could be root of prob?


I don’t know about your starting problem - are your sparkplugs/ignition leads and battery in good nick? - but the air hissing when you release the fuel cap is normal and desireable. I don’t think filling you garage with fuel fumes is a great idea tho’ so I wouldn’t ‘vent the tank’ when you park up overnight

I always wait a few seconds after turning on the ignition, until the hi pressure fuel pump has primed the system, otherwise you have low fuel pressure and …

Rox - hmmn never thought about that! - venting in a morning order of day from now on - cheers.