Standard Exige wheels

Been bidding for exige wheels and lost out in the end. Anyway just got an email with somebody offering me 10 sets at 310 quid each? Anybody else had this? Seems to good to be true. Personally i think its a bit iffy like.
If anybody has a genuine set for sale please let me know

You mean �310 a SET?
Well, could be possible if the guy works in the factory or something.
Or this is like wholesale price (yes, thats about the dealers’s margin)
I would like to take a look at them, and get a set if possible. At that price, why not?

Could you send me a personal message with the contact details of this guy?

Neil, If it does prove real I would be up for a set

Me 2

Gentlemen, does this offer mean all my hard negotiating on the mag wheels was in vain?


Only trying to see if there is a possibility of �310 a set…

Personally I doubt it, but if there is a chance…

BTW - watching the Oz V8 supercars, they nearly all run speedlines !!!

Ok all. If we can get 10 sets ordered then they are 310 quid per set. Less than five and add an extra 50 per set. All wheels come with a years warranty? ( is this normal?) They will be imported from the netherlands and shipped straight to me within 48hrs of the order.
So how many sets can we get together then?
Mark P
Mike Lane?
Please get back to me guys and i will try to get more info for you

Neil was bidding on said wheels myself, got a bit frantic in last 5 mins - def be up for a set if its a gen offer


Not me Neil, I’ve just ordered some Speedlines, having spent weeks trying to convince the company to start up an Italian magnesium foundary because a number of Exige owners said they definately wanted some. So while I’m happy for you all on your bargain, I’m feeling like a bit of a mug!


ps. My car is sick and France just won, neither are helping my mood!

Me too.

And don’t worry Ian, I will still get the Speedlines.


I would like more info, and reassurance please…

We have had similar offers before only to find out that the seller does not even know the difference between an Elise and an Exige, or has assumed that exige is a misprint for elise…

Really I would like:-

a picture,
spec including weights front and rear
construction method and material
what sort of wheel nuts to use

…and does the price include VAT ?


No reason not to get the speedlines unless these new wheels turn out to be lighter… which seems unlikely.

I need three sets really

One ultra light for slicks / track

One medium for road use

A third for horrible wet trackdays

Also,its a standard e-bay con mail, where they insist on payment by Western Union or something similar.

BE VERY CAREFUL - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Import from Holland ??? why do they have Exige wheels out there then ?

If you can find out where in Holland I can do some digging for you …


just for something to do … try resetting the ECU again - I was convinced there was something else not correct

I agree with you all that if it seems to good then it is. I i asked for all the above already and am waiting a response i.e photos etc! I not convinced yet that this is a genuine sale and am doing my best to find out. But i thought i would pass on the info anyway. IDG wheels will be lighter and i think look bettter and would love some but cant afford them myself.
Will keep you all posted.
If nothing comes of it we havent lost anything

Yep - fair warning from Phil…

eBay cons are all over the place at the moment…

As Andy says, he is based in Holland a lot of the time, so if the guy is genuine he will have a phone number and they could probably get together for Andy to see the wheels (all of them !!)

Possibly, if it made sense, I would consider going over with my trailer, (the beavertail) which could carry, probably, all ten sets, for less than the shipping cost??

We will see

I’ll have a set if they are real as they suit my pocket better than the Mag ones. Would be very wary of con artists though - I have been done over on Ebay before…

OK all. Latest update on these wheels is that i have a phone number and address for these wheels and i have asked for a discount for all ten sets! I have asked AndyD to find out more about these wheels in Holland and passed on the relevant details to him as he is in Holland already so i understand! As soon as Andy gets back to me and confirmed they exsist i will let you all know.

I would interested in a set at that price.


I would also be interested.

My Dutch speaking friend Bart-Jan will call this evening - watch this space