Standalone ECU for Honda swap

Looking at upgrading the hondata that is currently in the car

Anyone had experience with

ECU Master or Haltech

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I’ve got many ECUMaster bits on my car, including the Black ECU.

I’m a big fan of their ecosystem, not used one on a K20 but know people who do.

With a cable throttle the Black likely has I/O to spare for your application, many of my “complaints” with the black have been lack of I/O because my DBW throttle setup hogs so many inputs. It’s easily expanded upon though using their canbus expansion modules and/or digital dash.

The EMU Pro has recently been released which blows any such IO limits into the weeds, but the software and tuning models are completely revised. Any knowledge, experience or opinions from the Black simply will not translate.

Honourable mention for the MaxxECU. Played with their software a lot and know a few people very happy with them. It’s probably where I’d go next if fancying a change.

Haltech I’ve got a bit of experience with their ecosystem, and it all seems very user friendly and plug and play. Can’t comment on their ECU but I’m sure they’re more than adequate

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Why ?
Having experienced a few people “upgrade” from Hondata and then just had problem after problem, I would think very carefully what your actually want to achieve.
You could “upgrade” your Hondata daughterboard for the later version which has some newer features.
In all cases the important bit is the guy that sets it all up, tunes and supports afterwards …

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I want to have ADU and Also PDM and will be going turbo instead of the supercharger in the future
My hondata is kpro Version 1 so very old it’s been locked by who ever tuned it aswell there is a few things I want changing in the map