Stall, stall, stall, mis-fire, mis-fire, mis-fire

Now I know this is a highly tuned engine for it’s size but, mine stalls at about every opportunity when slowing down and engaging the clutch at about 2.5 to 3.5k rpm, basically the revs drop to about 500 and more often than not the engine stalls unless your quick enough the take your foot of the brake and squirt the throttle a bit. My question is: does anyone else have this problem with their car? (mine has had the 192 upgrade (from new), cat removed and straight through pipes) - oh and I’ve done about 3000 miles).The other rather anoying thing I have is a missfire between 5 and 6k rpm when accelerating, now this seems to be related to the HT leads, 'cause if you stop and push then back on it seems to cure the problem, but it happens so often, I getting a bit feed up with it, the most bizzare thing is, that sometimes I stop leave it for a while (10-20 mins say) and then the mis-fire does not occurr (and I haven’t even touched the HT leads on this occasion.)If any has any similar problems I be very interested to hear…Guy

As you correctly point out, the mis-fire is probably caused by poorly connecting leads. There’s a thread elsewhere about this… The leads are renowned for un-popping themselves from the coil-pack. I think someone company is making some that won’t do this.Get your dealer to increase your idle also

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Guy,I had a similar problem with my 340 but only when I had my headlights on. Turned out to be an ignition problem I think. It’s unbelievable that the misfiring problems etc. are occurring with the Exiges, you would have thought Lotus would have fixed it by now after the fiasco wit hteh 340. It’s a bit embarassing getting out of out 30k+ car to push plug leads back in. Total pita in a 340 as you’ve got about 12 screws to undo.

I had the same problem with stalling in the early days as the idle was set too low 850-1000. You should idle at about 1250 rpm

My idle speed seems to vary a great deal though it some times idles at about 600-700 rpm, then a few seconds later it can rise to as much 1,500 rpm without me touching the throttle at all, i’m told this is the ecu doing it, think about it , what else could it be? (maybe my ECU needs a bug fix, or has it got a virus [image][/image] - again any ideas would be a great help, but as I said in a different post my car is hopefully have a software upgrade tommorrow morning…