Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

Does anyone have pics (1 front, 1 rear) after they installed the stainless hose set (A340J6000S)?The rubber hoses have 90 degree elbows at the caliper end, and SS ones do not. What am I missin’?thanks in advance.

I thought you have the MS brake kit, you should already have ss hoses??Roy

Beto you have mail.The fronts go ib as per the standard hoses however the P clip will be too big to clamp onto the hose. You can change for a smaller P clip but I left the original on. It still locates the line and allows it to move (if necessary) on full lock - I check ithem regularly and theres no sign of chaffing.The rears are a little different as to put them throught he original p clips means bending the line past 90 degrees - as you say - the Lotus manual says to connect them to the rear toelinks. I used a spare length of old rubber hose to wrap around the toelink first before tye wrapping the hose down.Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for your pictures, but it�s not working. I am beginning to see why I was not given upgraded hoses to go with the motorsport brakes.My rear caliper is your front brake � the brake line connection point is at the top of the caliper, well above the upper A-arm � there�s no way to tie down without putting in severe bends at both ends of the hose. Leaving it unattached is probably not good - traces a semi circle upwards towards the top of the fender well.In the front, it�s worse. The hose screws into the caliber at a perpendicular angle, BELOW the steering linkage � meaning I would be forced to route the hose up through the linkage? That would be a pretty bad idea. Worst of all, I didn�t bring my camera today to show you what�s going on. Perhaps Roy can link in some pictures.I got a email into Russell Gibbons, perhaps he can forward on or give me the part # to the proper hoses.Bob (Beto in Mexican slang)

So, it sounds like I have the wrong hoses too??? I have mine waiting to be fitted. The fun never ends I guess…

Meat - you’ll love this answer - yes you have the wrong hoses (too much double meaning here), you ALREADY have rubber coated steel braided hoses…that’s what motorsport told Roy.Well - my pedal never went squishy at Road America…

Well, at least I get to return some parts for some $$.So, our hoses are rubber coated SS??