Stage one of Seriously Lotus almost complete

After almost 2 great years at SL, and lots of different options, we have a final plan in place and stage 1 is almost complete.
Our parts department is moving to the space next door - new mezzanine, racking, paint, some more paint, then some more paint - with what was SL space becoming a true workshop with 3 ramps and all the equipment that is needed to keep our customers cars serviced and repaired. Pictures will follow, when we are done!
In the meantime, we have ‘found’ various parts, that are either in odd numbers, not true new in box - parts missing, slight corrosion due to to age, no packaging - hiding in plain sight, used and some real oddball items, from mine and Dave’s previous life/exploits!!
Some are already listed on SL website, at new prices.
Anything else we ‘find’ will be added here and elsewhere as and when we have the time to add them.
If you are interested in anything shown here, but not on the SL website, give me or Dave a poke and we will add it for you. Mainly Dave please!! Price includes UK mainland delivery if over the usual amount.
1 x SKF VX220/Europa wheel bearing. No mounting hardware. This is a bearing with sensor, not including hub bolts, castle nut, split pin, washer. Has slight corrosion, new old stock. £70 including VAT.
1 x FAG Elise new wheel bearing. No speed sensor suits K series S2, no mounting hardware £50 including VAT.
1 x Sector 111 catch cans. All parts including mount and pipe fittings. £175 including VAT
2 x Lotus Esprit V8 rear shock absorbers LOTAC05398 including fitting kits, Lotus price is £823 for a pair. Price is £300 including VAT for a pair.
2 x Team Dynamics wheels front V6 Exige, silver, 17x7.5, et 26 £100 inc VAT each
2 x Team Dynamics wheels rear Elise/Exige, satin gold 17x8, et 35 £100 inc VAT each
V8 Esprit sump, no baffle, no sump plug. Offers.
V6 Exige Specialised cover used, offers.
Used as spare set of dampers for C1 race series, some paint missing. C1/107/Aygo B6 Bilstein dampers front and rear. £120 inc VAT.
Peugeot 208 XY alloy wheel. Needs refinish and diamond cutting to be nice, but round. Come and pick it up!!

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Next batch of random stuff!
Michelin PS4 tyres, taken off Dave’s 311 with delivery mileage only. 225/40/18 88Y date codes of 45/17 fronts and 275/35/19 100Y date codes of 48/17 rear. Offers.
V6 S front left drilled 2 piece AP disc and bell, new £100 inc VAT
V6 S rear left drilled 2 piece AP disc and bell, new £100 inc VAT
VX220 front Team Dynamics front wheel in black, with Team Dynamics on the rim edge, new £100 inc VAT
4 cylinder Toyota Elise/Exige rear toe link cross brace, possibly Pheonix Motorsport, offers
4 cylinder rear Brembo calipers. These look to be recently refurbished, but the boots on the sliders and pistons need some attention. offers
Set of Evora S1 forged wheels, 18/19 inch in black, new. £1000 inc VAT
We will be at Silverstone with LOT on thurs 10/5/22, so could bring there if you can get there.

Was going to say 4 post ramp, but that went in about 3 seconds!!
4 cylinder rear wheels sold. Everything else is open to offers.

More stuff to add in the next week or so.

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