Stage One Exhaust

Would be gratefull if someone could give me an idea of the noise level of the Lotus accessory stage one silencer. My car came with a stage two which I took off because it was too noisy, but I have just bought this one at a very good price and I would use it if the noise level is not too high.

IIRC the stage 1 is 98db static at 6000rpm. I have driven cars with both stage 1 and 2 exhausts fitted and the stage 1 is much quieter. I found the stage 2 too loud and boomy. The stage 1 didn’t seem all that different from standard, just a bit deeper, but I rather liked it. In fact I wouldn’t mind trying one on my car if it was cheapish, so if you find you don’t like yours let me know


clicky clicky full throttle

clicky clicky sprint

okay so its a stage 2, but anyway…

Not sure on noise levels but it’s much better than the standard one. Deeper bass and pops a bit on the cam change too which is always a bonus!! It took a few thousand miles for the sound to improve though. It’s a lot more aggressive looking than standard too is it pokes out a bit further and is a lot bigger. Go on, get it fitted at once!

Thanks for all the information - I will fit today!