Stage 2

hi guys, im ordering my black s2 exige next month to take delivery late october- i was wondering if someone has a link to somewhere that i can buy a stage2 exhaust? or can this be ordered from the dealer when i order the car??
also does anyone know if its possible to order electric windows but not the rest of the touring pack as the windows are all i want from the pack? Many thanks. BOB

Hi Bob, welcome!

Try a search for exhausts. Blueflame seems to ebt he one to have, but getting hold of the is the difficult bit! The dealer will almost certainly sell you one of their’s though. If you’re going to take it on track, a Stage 2 may be too loud.

You’ll have to grovel hard to get them to split the packs.


hi, thanks for the reply. i wont be tracking it, the few that i have been in for test drives have had stage 2, it sounded awsome.
how does the blueflame differ from stage2?
yeah its a nightmare tyring to get the dealer to just give me the electric windows- i dont see why they cant as the rest of the touring pack has nothing to do with the windows- carpets, storage net, visors etc?! its crazy!

Why are you buying an Exige and not tracking it? I know it’s personal choice an’ all that, but seems a bit of a waste…?

Bob, anything is possible. I managed to get all the bits and bobs I wanted from both ‘packs’ without too much trouble.

Remember, you are spending a fortune on buying a car - you call the shots.

With regards to the exhaust - demand you get the stage 2 AND an induction kit thrown in at no extra cost (I did!).

xman- thats really good to know thank you! which dealer was this at?
i will probibly track the car at a later date a few years down the line, i just want to concentrate on getting it first.

Most dealers if they want your business will throw in some extras/give you a good deal on part exchange/give you a discount or a mix of the above. if you are not, go to a dealer that will.

I went for the stage 2 and have not regretted it yet

Good luck!

Jamie- did you get the stage2 when you ordered your car or did you get it put on afterwards?

It so happened the dealer had the car I wanted in stock (red with performance pack) So as part of the deal I made him include a stage 2 and an induction kit.
The stage 2 and induction kits are dealer fit so you should be able to make him add them. The other thing worth thinking about (very important on a black car) is paint protection again tends to be a dealer fit consists of a film on any over exposed areas like the front and the wing mirrors etc

ah yeah the armourfend is it? i forgot about that, ill try to get that thrown in aswell.
what do you think my chances of getting the metalic paint, electric windows, stage2+induction kit all thrown in on a cash purchase? and maybe the armourfend too? id want air con aswell but i dont think it warrents the price, as ill just have the windows open most the time or the roof off- though its always good to have air con?

I will mail you U2U

Hi, I picked my new S2 black exige Saturday. I had the Stage 2 and itg induction kit fitted plus the paint protector. And park assistance fitted. This was all in with the price. The dealer did have the car in stock at the time and I did part ex my S2 111s.
The car sounds a lot better than my S2 111s. Just need to finish running it in so I can get the 2nd cam into play.

nice! the perfect exige!! can you please send me a private message letting me know what you paid if you dont mind. also was that from Wilsons lotus? Thank you. BOB

Hi, Bob
No prob will send message.

Thanks ozzer! check your inbox- i sent you another! Bob

Go for the air con…it works really well on the S2, you’ll not regret it. Also, it will be a bugger to trade/sell on without.

Aircon gets the thumbs up from me too, it works!!

thanks for the replies- i think i would really benefit from the air con as i am ALWAYS hot, but id rather the other things on 1st, but ill try to get it into the deal aswell.

It’s obvoius there are two currents of thinking, the more modern ones, for confort and the older ones, for less weight.
Most of the Exige owners I know that have had it in the (original) car for some time, have ended taking it off as they became more and more track oriented.

I’ll give some of you a couple of years and you’ll be taking the aircon off the S2 as well

I know what you mean but as others have said it does actually work really well in the S2… Having said that, I still prefer to drive with both windows open rather than using it! Plus there’s less heat coming through from behind you than there was in my S1.