stage 2 zorst

has anyone on here got the stage 2 lotus or quicksilver exaust. I have the stage 1 on currently, and it sounds good when ragging it but the sound still doesn’t live up to the looks and performance. Otherwise the car is awesome and a the dry weekend was fantastic… I’m only begining to understand what it’s all about. Can’t wait to track it!!

I had the stage one fitted when my car was new and as you say it sound’s good when you spank it but it was to quiet at low revs!
Changed it for the quicksilver, it gives a nice burble at low revs (not to loud) and it sound’s fantastic on the big cam.
The quality of the stage one is shite, if you take it off you will see that the tail pipes have false covers that are cut short of the box, the quicksiver is also about half the size and weight of the stage one.

I have the stage 2 on mine as (it was free with the car) which is certainly loud (104db static) and makes all the right snarly burbling noises, though it can be a bit boomy at 3.5k-4k revs. It certainly adds a lot of character to the car but I’m a bit annoyed that a ‘track use only’ exhaust is too loud for a lot of track days

I need to see if the stage 2 passes the Bedford Autodrome test before I make my decision, is the quicksilver quieter

104 dB, in real terms, is that too loud? Can you hear the radio? I think the quicksilver may be a better option, but I would like to scare young children and wake the neighbours up.

104 dB, in real terms, is that too loud?


yep that is the static measurement figures provided by the lotus factory themselves. I have to say if I’d known it was that loud I might have asked them to take it off and replace with a stage 1 but hey ho such is life. I personally don’t find it hard to live with and it realy suits the character of the car. You can hear the radio fine however it is a bit boomy on the motorway at 70-80mph, however at 60mph in 6th it is all very civilised. I’m pretty sure that is way way too loud for bedford which is a terrible shame as I really wanted to drive there-looks like it will have to be brands or snetterton

But being so loud, you will have problems with trackday noise limits.
We’ve seen that before.

95db is what you should shoot for to be allowed safely at tracks.

Just food for thought…

I’m still tempted, or perhaps the the quicksilver? Is this somewhere in between on the dB scale?? The stage 1 doesn’t do the car justice.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s Stage 1/2 and Quciksilver? I don’t visit this forum as often as I should!

Mine has the SS exhuast with no cat - been to Bedford twice, both times a “red sticker” but never too loud once on the track…

Think the stage 1/2 exhaust reference is with regard to the Series 2 Exige only. You can see some pictures on the Bell & Colvill website, go to the on-line catalogue, select the Lotus option, click the Exige photo and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

As for the Quicksilver this LINK is to their website. I have only managed to find one outlet for the Quicksilver exhaust, Hangar111 .

Unfortunately I don’t have any noise level info for either of them. There may be info on one of the Elise boards being that the 111R and Exige S2 share the same motor.

Hope this is of some use.

Cheers John, I’d looked on hanger 111, the general view seems to be that the stage 2 is too loud, I’ve listened to the quicksilver video, it’s difficult to tell, it seems a lot better than the stage 1. (my wife’s not impressed)

5-6 bhp gain