Stage 2 Exhaust

Although I love the sound of my zorst on track, the drive up to Cadwell and back reminded me how hard the noise is to live with on normal road use. I have a Pipercross fitted. It’s very ‘boomy’, and I seriously wear earplugs on a long run.
I have been black flagged for noise at Donington, and can’t even think of doing a circuit where the limits are low and strictly enforced eg Bedford.
Might change for something more liveable. Any thoughts, Guys?

I have a Larini which doesn’t suffer the boomy midrange of the Stage 2, and gives a lovely howl at full chat, BUT it is still too loud for most circuits in Englandshire (no noise problems at our only circuit here in Scotland). I reckon your best bet would be to speak to Jim at 2bular. Top quality kit, and he can vary the box size to make it quieter/louder to your taste.


its the pipercross imo

try an ITG insted.
and fit a 2bular 24" exhaust

mine is 97 DB and passes every test.

I have a pipercross and a Lotus S1 exhaust… passed the test at Bedford and didnt get pulled in on any of the drive-by tests…

Colin… the drone is for sure the S2… we drove to Scotland in ours and didnt have any issues… the S1 is ok… if a bit tuneless… for sure an exhaust from Jim would be more tuneful but not introduce a drone

OK. Thanks guys. Will start ‘sounding out’ the Tubulars!
Speedy - about time we had a run to the F1 sim again!

thats a damn good idea… lets see what we can organise…

I’ve grown bored of my stage 1, I really want a more interesting sound. 2bular seem very popular but can anybody tell me how they compare with the competition, Larini etc?

Anyone got any contact details for tubular exhausts??

The web address is:

Thanks mate, Ive emailed Jim.