Stack death

Anyone had this? On thursday night parked the car where I train, came back later on, turn the ignition lights on the stack came on for a sec or so then everything went off, darkness!

Every time I turned the key the lights would flash for an instant and then off! Ended up fiddling witht he main beam buttons and hitting a few things and then it was all OK

Been absolutly fine since

Anyone had anything similar? Loose conection to the stack / dash (I lost my radio settings too)?

Ta again,

Radio has a main feed from the battey, if you lost the settings then all power was interupted, the connector in the back of the stack is very tight and a bit of ba*tard to remove.
Could be some poor connections around the main fuse ?


Obvious things from me…

dicky ignition connection from the key/battery? could you start the car with the ‘stack’ dead? or…

the fuse #8 (7.5amp) which feeds the ‘stack’ dodgy? this fuse also seems to feed brake lights so… if it does it again check to see if brake lights still work when the ‘stack’ is dead.

when you say you fiddled with main beam buttons I presume you mean side-light & headlight buttons? the sidelights are fed from the same splice from the ignition loom as the ‘stack’… maybe some dodgyness here?

let us know if it does it again eh…

Cheers guys,

Yeah all power gone, total death came with the stack, no fuel pump wirr, engine wouldn’t turn etc. no nothing…

Yeah I fiddled with the headlight / sidelight buttons and after some swearing and hitting and fiddling and what not it all started to behave and has been absolutly fine since

But WTF it works now and I’ve got the Emerald in so no more stoopid 5.5k limit Once again I am very happy with the car


I’ve had what you describe with other cars.
If I was you I would remove the battery leads, clean them, grease them and fit tight. The problem should go away.
It may have been just a bad contact.


Udlis, I think that’s it!

Had it again after some rain today Switching the lights on and there was nothing being illuminated from them so it’s a complete power loss…

Opened up the front had a poke of the negative terminal and viola!!! So tom will get some contact grease on those puppies and make sure they’re UBER tight

Thanks again,