SS Supersports Zorsts

Sorry - posted this on completely the wrong palce before.Well hello there !Just had my 12mth Service and investigations into an extremely annoying rattle from my standard exhaust concluded that the baffles had blown out. Whoops.Question is - Anyone know if the baffles on the Stainless Steel Supersports exhaust are less prone to this happening. And if it did happen would it be covered by the exhaust warrantyI’m tempted by one of Mr Geddes items which are a snip at �325. I was quoted nearly �500 by the Lotus Dealer - plus fitting.One more query - if watched closely the local ATS should be able to fit one shouldn’t they ?ThanksCheers, Tim

Sod it - I’ve ordered a SS Supersports from race-speed. [image][/image]I’ll just have to live on beans on toast for a couple of months. [image][/image]Maybe just toast…

Timboit should be leaving Janspeed on Saturday on its way to you :slight_smile: Any old Kwik fit type place should be able to put it on for you.cheers!Owen

Thanks OwenCan’t wait [image][/image]Tim

Not arrrived yet… [image][/image]

TimboSpill the toast(well you can’t afford the beans, can you?!)Whats the new exhaust like?Mike

Mike it’s not arrived yet !I just sit staring vacantly out of the window…Maybe tomorrowI’ll let you know when I’ve got itCheers, Tim

TimboI’m sitting around waiting for your exhaust to turn up as well!bloody DHL!

Has it arrived yet?

Yep ! arrived Tuesday [image][/image]Got if fitted on Friday. I’m well impressed. Because the baffles were shot in my original exhaust, it’s actually quieter - but it’s got a great deep burble.Seems to be smoother and easier to drive at low revs. Could be just 'cause I’ve got rid that irritating rattle at 2500 revs.However - I’m extremely pi55ed off. Out for an early morning blast on Saturday morning I was pulling into the ESSO garage in Buxton about 8:30 am (one of the few places where I can get Super Unleaded round here) and some tw4ts have been digging up the road in the entrance and I cracked my front splitter quite badly on a so called ramp. I’ll need a new splitter anyway. Well annoyed at myself.Off to Peter Smiths on Monday to get a quote 'cause it’s gonna be an insurance job.Pi55ed off as well 'cause it’ll probably takes weeks to get it fixed. [image][/image]I’m not happy. [image][/image] [image][/image]Tim (Nice but pi55ed off)

Bad news about your splitter!I’ve got my number plate 1/2 inch lower than the splitter - that decks out before the body work does - saved me a couple of times too.Tim, where did you get your exhaust?Did you fit it yourself?

Mike - I got the exhaust from - bargain at �325. I wimped out on trying to fit it myself - changing the oil on my Fiesta is about the limit of my mechanical skills - and decided against Kwik-fit or ATS (just in caseI work practically next door to Gordon Lambs - so I got them to fit it - they just charged an hours labour.Good idea about the number plate - might ask Peter Smiths to do that on mine when they stick the new splitter on.Cheers, Tim