SRF necessary?

I used SRF in my CSL as the weight/pace warranted its use as the heat build up was sufficient.

My question is is it really necessary in a car like the Exige? Would a good synthetic like Castrol Response Super Performance Synthetic Brake Fluid at �24/ltr vs. �50/ltr for Castrol SRF do the job in a light car?

From what I’ve seen on here about brake performance on track I’d say probably yes. Have you updgraded your pads and hoses?

Nope…not at all.

Have a search on SRF on Seloc… fair few opinions on it on there.

FWIW, I have some Wurth fluid in mine and have never had a problem at all.

Hi Damon

I read somewhere that normal brake hoses allow moisture to build up in the fluid which is why a lot of people switch to braided. Downside is its a clam off job apparently.

During some fruitless ‘economy’ brake upgrades prior to fitting the AP big brake kit I used SRF with EBC pads & disks and noticed a big improvement in performance.

Based on comments about EBC on all forums I now believe the improvements may well have been due to the SRF fluid.

Bottom line IMHO is if you are not going to go down the braided hose route the brake fluid will need changing at some point depending on use so you might as well stick with the cheaper fluid & change it more often.


Thanks Guys

SRF has gone in this morning. Can’t do any harm.

Just waiting for the Performance Friction pads and that will be the brakes sorted.

A decent castrol dot 5.1 is more than enough, I’ve never gone above it.

SRF doesn’t like moisture and if any condensation etc gets into the system it will end up worse than standard fluid. It also needs changing a lot more often than standard fluid.

I guess it also depends on your car and style of braking.

SRF fixed my problem but that’s not to say something else wouldn’t have.