squeaky roof

Hi all,

Having fitted the carbon roof from elise parts a while ago, all seems fine apart from a rather annoying squeak from the back of the roof where it meets the car. I have tried re-seating it, and all seem fine, so I wondered if this was a known issue, and if there are any suggestions for stopping this like using rubber sealant or something?


Squeaky roofs are normally due to a slight misalignment when fitting & the cure is what you have done. Not unusual for this to happen with the standard roof.


glycerine is a good rubber lube, used it years and years ago to lube rubber seals on print down frames when I was an apprentice. Used it on my exige roof.

I had this on mine also, very annoying. (for about 5 [email protected]@dy years)

Back on Track fixed it with some strategically placed bits of that 3M anti rattle stuff you use on brake pads.

Rather than the pre-cut little strips, they had a sheet of it and cut off some appropriate sized pieces.

It worked a treat !!


mine has been squeaking since I changed it, was going to use vaseline or similar to lubricate the seals, maybe this stuff from Asda might be best.

don’t use vaseline, it will degrade the rubber

There speaks the voice of experience :smiley:

Silicone grease from a plumbers merchant

There speaks the voice of experience :smiley: [/quote]


Cheers guys…

Definitely don’t want to degrade my rubbers… :wink:

me neither :astonished:

I’ll be a bit more careful when phrasing my posts in future :slight_smile:

Try this it actually works gummi pflege it’s a proper rubber lubricant I’ve used it for years !!!