Sprucing up

Morning my luvlies.

Does anyone know the part number for the pipercross filter that b&c fit to the exige.

no… but Scott or Richard should be able to tell you

seen one which alludes to be for the Exige on Ebay thats all.

post a link and I’ll look to see if its the same as mine

Of course I cant find it now can I!!!


Try the pipercrossshop.com they will have it.

no they dont, or they might have but it isnt obvious how to find it

CF aibox looks cool though

Oh yes…
Viper VFC292

Velocity Intake System VIS292B

150mm Induction system PK292C.

Now which bloody one ???

Mine is the Velocity Intake system… the filter sits behind the passenger side intake

apparently, �300 from Dream Machines