Spray of oil....

…coming from somewhere…but don’t know where!!!

When taking right hand bends or going round roundabouts my Exige is spraying a small amount of oil from the rear right hand side of the engine (roughly where the alternator is bolted to the head…it an a/c car). It doesn’t appear to a lot of oil but enough to spatter the engine cover and spray onto the hot manifold which then goes up in smoke and stinks the car out.

I have all the under tray off and cleaned all the excess oil away…tried to replicate the fault but can’t find where the oil is coming from…have any of you guys got any ideas what/where the problem is??

rocker cover gasket?

Have you tried nipping up the cover bolts (not above recommended torque)

Stating the obvious but it could be the above???

I’ll give anything a try…

It happened to me once, it was the cam seals under the cambelt cover.
You’ll have to take the cambelt cover off to find out though…

I have the same problem and I THINK?I know what it is.The right side crank seal has a seal and also a spiral thrower to keep the oil off the actual seal.If you keep the sump well filled to avoid starvation(which I do particularly at track days)on long right-handers the oil can reach the main seal which weeps and allows the oil to be thrown over the belt cover.I dont think the K-series was meant to cope with this,lovely engine though it is.