Spotted in Windsor Great Park last night

Think it was maybe a titanium one (certainly a dark metallic) couldn’t see properly as it was dark

We were at the Crispin pub in our VXs and heard you coming a mile off - sounded great!!

That would have been me on my way back from Hemel last night

got stuck behind some muppet back by legoland and my first chance to pass was on the peanut roundabout so yeah you might have heard me coming

Good spot btw … it is titanium grey

Well as I said mate, it sounded fab!

I think the other VX guys appreciated it as well

Do you have a sports exhaust on it?

Yep, it has a sports cat and a janspeed sports exhaust.

had the car 4 months now and i still get out grinning like a cheshire cat after every drive