Spotted - 2 Exiges on the M25!!

1st one going westbound near the Godstone turn off around 5-15 this evening - was silver

2nd one queueing to get off the M25 northbound just north of the Dartford tunnel at about 6-20 this evening - was red

Anyone from here??


There’s a fighting chance the Silver one was me going home after day on Brands GP with SELOC - great track !!

There was a reg X plate one there aswell but didn’t have chnace to to talk to them but sounds likely they wee your other sighting.

What sorts of speeds were you getting at Brands then?

How did the Exige compare with the other loti ?

I have never seen a straight head to head between an Exige and an Esprit - who would win ??

I have never seen a straight head to head between an Exige and an Esprit - who would win ??

Unless Gavan Kershaw (ref: Great British Cars dvd/video) was driving the Esprit, the Exige would be quicker on track.

Perhaps I should qualify that - a Sport 300 Esprit would probably be quicker than the Exige, but there ain’t many of those about - I’ve only ever seen one - Lord Whitter’s!

A continental trip, that’s a different story altogether

Personally, I’ve never, ever fancied an Esprit, whereas the Exige was a “must have” immediately I saw one at a dealer’s launch in 2000.

I know what you mean…

I placed an order for mine at the Brands Hatch Elise Sports event in 2000 - THE launch day - didn’t even know the price

What sorts of speeds were you getting at Brands then?

I was there recently and was getting about 120mph on Hawthorne Hill.

It took a Radical (although by the end of the day I ‘got’ one of those) or a well driver GT3 to be faster (not including The Stig in a A8 - amazing!).


So who really is this STIG - he must have gone to take a pee or something - he is human isn’t he??

Or is STIG a she


Monsieur Stig is Perry McCarthy - briefly an F1 driver, current sportscar driver (incl. Le Mans Bentley), author & amusing after dinner speaker.


Pesky - you amaze me with your encyclopaedic knowledge!!

The bio made good reading - there is a chance for me yet


Sorry for delay in replying - was indicating less than 120 coming down to Hawthorns on my better laps but overall on the circuit apart from a few very quick boys in very well sorted S1’s I would say the Exiges were pretty much the best Loti on circuit -especially the Ice Blue one running slicks !!

Having said that the Jades, Radical SR3’s and Clubsports and a couple of race spec caterhams we had in our session were bloody fast !! In fact one guy in the Jade was last years champion in some series or other and was lapping Brands as quick as an F3 car so mirrors were essential ! That said they were only out in the quick session which was only about 26 cars for most of the day on Brands GP so loads of room for everyone.

Compared to my S1 was well sorted handling wise but with standard power so the Exige is in another league and once I get all my horses back as only got standard at the moment after flames at Donnington just over a week ago (another story) then I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with it.