Spot the wannabe member.

[image][/image]:wink:[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 28 June 2002).]

Nice shot of me… shame about the playstation on wheels in the background though.

Shut it Treagus [image][/image]At least my trailer didn’t come with a free sheep (I had to pay for mine…)

You should see my trailer now after a couple of litres of Hammerite, a new set of tyres, a new hitch, some more Hammerite, new rear lights, new wheel.Next time you say something like “never get involved wiht a second hand trailer” remind me to listen.

That reminds me of the famous Only Fools + Horses gag, where Trigger reckoned he’d had the same sweeping brush for 25 years - even if it did need 5 new handles and 7 new brush-heads.

Yeah right - that’s exactly how it feels. But the trailer was cheap and I’ve only had to buy tyres, paint, tow hitch, jockey wheel, electrics, assorted tools. Oh and a Land Rover. I did get a grinding wheel too so I can pretend to be in 80’s heavy metal video while working.Fortunately my grandad turned it into a bit project so the labour costs are reduced.Now all I have to do is get the brakes reconnected and hope I don’t have to replace the suspension too at 250gbp per axle.[This message has been edited by Matthew Treagus (edited 28 June 2002).]

quote:Originally posted by Matthew Treagus:Nice shot of me… shame about the playstation on wheels in the background though.That appears to me behind you Matthew - the guy in the blue toy just couldn’t keep it in a straight line all day