Spot lights

I think I saw a posting about this before - has anyone replaced their driving lights with really small ones? both mine are now split - and I if I’m going to have to buy new ones - might as well get small ones’ cause there less likely to get smashed being a smaller target for stones!

Guy, you can buy polycarbonate driving lamp protectors that are very discreet for around �30 per pair. This prevents the lamps getting smashed in the first place! [image][/image]

well maybe, at least I can get the driving lamps at roughly a third of what you normally have to pay from Lotus…

Are the polycarbonate protectors a Lotus part? If not (or if cheaper), where can I buy some?

Jed, they’re fairly readily available from a number of Lotus dealers, but no, they’re not a Lotus part. If you can’t find any, let me know and I’ll mail-order you some. [image][/image]

I ordered my covers from NTC Cars.

I think I will make some, after all they’re only polycarbonate disks! If this fails I will be back on the trail.

or do it like me. get rid of 'em at all…I mean, who needs them in the first place…the car looks more like the motorsport one and it is a tremendous weight saving…isn’t it, Dave ?

Well I don’t know about you but I like to see where I’m going when I’m tearing around the country side in the dark! [image][/image]

no problems, mate, just follow your nose…