sports seats and harnesses

I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a set of sports seats and harnesses for sale?? or any ideas how much lotus charge for them ??


Are you sitting down? Lotus price is circa �3K for the pair

You should go for these (& make us all jealous!) HERE


What about these ones from


Not real race-only, more like touring, but still pretty good.

BTW, I sat once on those carbon ones that Eliseparts sell and they were just the wrong shape for me.
I guess it’s lke getting married: you have to try them first


Wouldn’t fancy those if you want to use harnesses though

Not if the harnesses are of the “looped” type, but if they’re of the bolted type, the slots are of no relevance, as the belts will stay in the same place.

In fact, I may go for harnesses one of these days… bolted of course.

sparco seats can be fitted, depending on how tall u are they could be made to fit the origonal adjuster. more track orientated i suppose, i have one std sport seat spare at the moment and was shocked when i got a quote from our agent on getting a seat here so if i sold it to the guy who wanted what my replacement cost would be - frightening to say the least.

Think the alternatives are nice but still think the lotus seat just works so well for a road car, looks great, pretty comfortable and harness for the track. As track seats i would say they are by no means unsupportive but cannot compete with something like the corbau lotus sport seat, silly money.

I one set of safety devices harnesses lieing in a box so if you do not find some nearby let me know, shouldn’t cost to much to ship, might be willing to let them both go as the other is in the passenger seat at the moment and personally i prefer sabelt, easier to release and tighten so send me a mail if you require some pics