Sports Exhaust

Has anyone had a sports exhaust fitted to a 111S?

I fitted one to mine - A Brooke Kensington one. Still have the standard one if thats what your after?

I was thinking of the sports exhaust as I can’t stand the crap sound of the standard. I am sure that i read somewhere that you can fit the exige sports exhaust to it??

Well i went and spent some on my returned deposit from the M250 on a Supersport Exhaust and cat bypass for my 111s this week. Got the car back today and sounds great not the burble of the Exige but a vast improvement on the standard Exhaust. Also have fitted EBC Greens all round.

is the M250 officially dead then ?

quote:is the M250 officially dead then ?Yep! [image][/image]

Janspeed Exige supersports exhaust does fit the Elise S1. �325 inc VAT and delivery from �249 in mild steel.Owen