Sport Compact Car (USA) magazine

I’m in the US at the moment and saw Sport Compact Car magazine at the airport and got all excited since it had a picture of an exige on a track on the cover. Opened the mag at the 39 car Time Attack track test and saw a full page photo of Prototype Racing’s exige. Got to get it, I thought, it should be good

Alas, no mention of the car whatsoever in 16 pages of an article. Only on the last page of the article did the car get a mention and that was in the results table and you won’t believe where it came in the results table

19th overall beaten by 5 front wheel drive cars

With all the talk previously of the lost horsies over the Atlantic with Prototype, it looks like the horsies could be lost as soon as the car leaves Prototypes shop

There is also another article in the magazine called “What’s Wrong With Your Dyno” or “Do chassis dynos lie?” - the last disussion about this must have struck a raw nerve

No explaination?

What sort of things were winning?


I’ll post details after I get back home tomorrow