Sponsorship for Racing

As all of you probably already know I am Racing in the Mid-Engined Sportscar series this year, as I have nver raced before, I suppose it would be almost impossible to get sponsorship, Yes I know Maddog Motorsport is going to be my main sponsor, but would be a great help if some of the costs could be reduced.

any ideas or know of anyone who would like to sponsor me?


besides the car will look really bare (as race cars go)without sponsors all over it

Good luck, mate, it’s not at all easy, particularly in the first year.

That was my initial thought

You can get big discounts off consumables if you talk to the various companies out there… I raced Caterhams for a few years, never got much actual money in but ended up with free tyres brakes and oil… all helps!!! In your first year your should be able to get 50-60% discount for race consumables, will take lots of time on the phone though…

Thanks South240R, I’ll have to get on the phone and call around,Race consumables would be all I’m after and would reduce cost considerably

Don’t be tempted to put stickers on the car unless they are giving you money to do so. A stickered car can put some potential sponsors off, as they may feel they will dissapear into the crowd. I was sponsored by Silkolene, and they are the only stickers I had on the car. Silver car, big black stickers, simple and effective.

Thanks for the advice

I’ll stump up a tenner Dave to help you on yer way!!

thanks mate, I’ll take it off what I owe you