spoiler wanted

S1 Exige spoiler and uprights wanted. tell me what you want for it… not bothered about the colour as ill have it sprayed. 07855017256

Chris - I have one complete with uprights in Metalic Black … am out of UK at moment back middle of week.

Where in UK are you ?

im in coventry mate. i dont mind travelling to collect though. how much do you want?

Well im in Halesowen … sometimes - so not a million miles away.

Price ?? - No idea I will have a find what the going rate is

ok mate let me no. do you have the alloy panel that goes from the rear subframe to the underneath of the clam where the spoiler mounts to or are you still using that bit?

i think there called rear clam supports if you didn’t understand what i meant.

Still using the allow panel - but its not that difficult to copy one I would guess -

thats what i was going to do to be honest. when can you let me know a price mate? its just i was going to go and pick another one up so could do with knowing a price soon.

brought a spoiler now of rexs. very nice bloke.