Spoiler pylons - custom

It is with great regret (thanks to a work situation…) that my project build is having to be stopped where it stands. I have acquired a number of parts that I had planned on using in the build that I am having to now sell off.

I obtained these thanks to Jonny and am gutted to have to let them go. Happy to sell at cost price - message me for details.

As per jonnyfox’s epic NA build and seen in his build thread -


Pic of the pylons on their own here:-

I made these pylons after borrowing Will’s (Evo’s), slightly changing the inner cutout design and height by 75mm. For all intense purposes they are 211 pylons to fit a 211 wing but higher. I have the subframe mounts which I was getting round to powder coating but haven’t yet (sorry Phil I’ve had a mental 4 months) but they will be thrown in FOC inc package & posting. Pylons are 5mm Aluminium, laser cut, polished and anodised black.

Phil hope all is well buddy, keep in touch.

PM sent to OP re pylons & brackets

Hi bud,

Gutted to have to stop work on mine but work situation means I’m finding it hard to keep hold of the car at all, let alone spend out on the project build. If these don’t sell on here then I’ll keep them in a dusty corner and hope that 12 months down the line I can resume the project but looking increasingly unlikely (my industry is fooked so looks like I’ll be starting afresh from the very bottom…).

Cheers for the mounts mate - if I haven’t sold these then if you could stick em in the post whenever that would be great :slight_smile:

Will still stick my head into a few Exiges.com trackdays as a spectator so will catch up

Phil there is a lot of what you describe going around buddy, good luck and don’t be a stranger, bring your helmet :wink:

They will be in the post tomorrow.