I’ve just smashed 10" of my front splitter on a drive-way door stop.Official Lotus replacement is 4-6 weeks.Anyone any ideas?

Repair it ?

Repair it ?

or wait 4-6 weeks

Eliseparts ?

How about a Lotus Motorsport replacement instead… ??

I hear they are a possibility, but perhaps lessen the ride height and add downforce…

Or the standard one is coming off my car this week - its in titanium. If you want it let me know and we can try to come to an agreement over price!


What are you replacing the standard one with?

I am getting the motorsport one - but it is a track only car. Not sure what clearance a car on standard ride height would give, but for me it will only be 40mm… (BTW motorsport splitter is about �280, you also need two other pieces of aluminium which take it to �400 + VAT.



Gavan recommended the motorsport splitter for me, since my car will be ‘track only’ as well.

How difficult is it to fit?

(I suppose that will be easier to answer once you’ve tried, but you know what I mean!!)

Was there not some query that it’d upset the aero balance without the motorsport rear wing?

But hey, anything to keep up with us mike! [he’s says getting his comeuppance as mike laps him at Llandow!]


I am getting a big wing as well - so no worries about the balance for me, although without it I am sure it will upset the balance.

Apparently its pretty much a straight swap, and is straightforward - although I have given it to Maidstone Sports Cars to do because it needs painting up anyway, and there are various other things being done to my car at the same time. And hopefully they will be far more adept at coming up with a quick release solution…


where do u get the rear wing? do u have more details?

I would rather confirm with the guy who is making it up for me first whether he wants to do a few more. Will ask tomorrow…


Was that a quick release solution so you can swap standard and motorsport spoiler?

thanks MarkD,
please let me know. U can contact me on my private e-mail.


The quick release bit is so I will be able to get my car on a trailer!


Know what you mean…

I have 8 foot ramps and a beavertail, and can just about get on…

(pause to wait for inevitable comments)