Speedlines for S2

Anyone know if the Speedline Corse wheels are available in the correct offsets for my 07 S2 ?

Marc’s dad had a lovely ice blue mint S1 with some black ones on in 16’s & 17’s.

Looked ace !!

I checked the Speedline website but not really much specific detail on.

Also if they do exist where would you but from.

Finally if they do exist I may sell my 7 spoke LW wheels

Its not just correct offsets - the hub bolt PCD is diffeent on an S2


Very limited choice for the S2 really.

Probably not what your looking for but Tess and Elgan are doing these wheels for the 111R/ S2 Exige/ 2-11 with the correct offsets etc.



Thanks - I’ll have a look

Love those Speedline stylee though !!