Speedlines available

A few people have been asking about the Speedlines I have available.
So here is a picture, the Jiffy bag contains the correct nuts.
The tyres are old Yokohama wets and worthless.
Located near Birmingham.
3k GBP

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How much for the slippers? :stuck_out_tongue::smile:

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I can include them with the wheels FOC :grinning:


Good luck.

I sold a set last year and all of the serious interest was from Europe. Once I put them on an International facebook group they were gone within the hour. :+1:

Thanks for that :+1:

did you manage to sell these wheels? I have a set myself but like you I’m not sure where to advertise them tbh. did you get what you wanted for them in the end?


Hi Steve
No, but then I wasn’t really trying very hard as I didn’t advertise anywhere else :smile:
Planning to sell the Orange Audi S1 soon so will probably bundle them in that sale.