Speedline Corse - Spacers

Hello. I’ve finally managed to get a set of Speedline Corse, which I’m really chuffed about. A couple of questions I’m hoping I can get a bit of advice with.

I want to fit spacers to the rear which seems a common approach so they sit well in the arches as a bit narrower. Can anyone advise what width of spacer to get or even better recommend a link to buying the right ones?

Am I right I need Elise lug nuts rather than Exige?

And last one and sorry if stupid but I’d like to refinish them colour wise, given magnesium rather than alloy is it at all different or can just go to a regular wheel refinisher?

Thank you

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you can fit spacer i will be for mine, however you will require longer stud fitting in the hubs, readily available I bought really long ones from EP and just cut them down as they were causing issues with the turner nuts and the tool.
I know the elise wheel nuts were spherical but with some bread wrapped in cling film you can poke it in the wheel hole and check its shape.

As for the size i will measure the car with the wheels on and order to suit but you can buy a 3mm or 5mm for mgf on ebay which ive run on my old elise speedlines.

for a refurb on my mag wheels and the mag speedlines i used Turner powder coating services in Melksham.

Steve there used to run Dymag so is well experienced, he cant spin them and machine them if there’s any rough spots but the important bit is he strips, crack tests and then chromates them prior to powder coating them.

Bear in mind any spacer will reduce the contact and so support on the drive flange.
With the chamfer on the Speedline hub locator you will run out of support with a thick spacer and all forces will be on the studs/nuts.
Probably “ok” for road use but on track maybe not ideal if its just looks that are a concern.

Do not get them dipped to strip the old finish off!!
Yes, the wheel nuts should be domed, rather than tapered, and they should have an insert in the wheel to accept them. I have seen several that have lost these inserts, leading to the wheel nut slowly cutting into the wheel.


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I’ve been using Exige wheelnuts and no spacers for probabably 15
: years … Ummmm am I going to get told offffff ? :cowboy_hat_face:

Only if you don’t post an update about your car in the relevant section :smile::+1: