Is he gonna or what… :smiley:

May as well be the first to edit as well…Markyb how about you, I know you can drive the crap out of an S2000 and murder me everyday in an S2 …well not now :smiley: how about you…

Second …

JF, after being punished (severely) by you at Donny, I clearly need more firepower! Don’t think I could murder you in the S2 though :cry:

So it’s either another S2 with more mods than thou :smiley: or this S3 thing. But I think you’re right, the S3 is a good second hand purchase - 50k plus is asking too much for an Exige on steroids!

Yeah a 12 - 18 month old S3 is going to be a nice car at �35 - 38k ish. or wait 2 years and pay �28k

Having bought an S2 new (which I love) I think the way forward for racing is S1 with engine conversion or await the new chassis.
The Evora chassis is 4 times as rigid as the Elise platform so the new cars out in a couple of years promise to be amazing (if not affordable)