Possibly looking for an exige - up to about 23k. One question though, how well do they do with speedbumps? Does the splitter hit the ground often?

Actually, on a similar vein, can someone confirm for me that the ground clearance on the Exige is 13cm?

If so its the same as my Lupo, and I rarely have problems.

Never grounded on a speedbump yet - just approach them with caution and make sure you’re not braking as you get up to them to avoid nose dipping and causing reduced clearance. - and watch out for the muppets up your rear clam

good. I used to drive a 206 wrc (GT) that had a particuarly low splitter as well. As long as it clears speedhumps then no problem, I’ll just have to make sure the gf doesnt take the front bumber off on high kerbs (again…).