Speed sensor points

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’ve had the Emerald wired into the driver’s side rear wheel speed sensor.

Now I just need to set the correct number of ‘points’. On the Elise I think it’s taken from a front wheel and I believe has 8 points. However setting it to 8 captures me some darn impressive figures (Veyron eat your heart out!).

On the Exige I believe the points are probably the number of notches on the cog like thing at the back of the wheel hub where the sensor points.

Does anybody know the number of notches? Other thoughts welcome (flood gates open!).

Cheers, Ian :slight_smile:

start counting!!

I was going to post the same :wink:

I was going to post the same :wink: [/quote]

Small minds think a like!!! :smiley:

Ian - give Steve E a call as they may still have the one they took off mine in their garage which will probably be easier than you counting them.

i thought the wheel speed sensor was on the rear, 42 is a number that springs to mind.

Hi Ian,

Do you have/need the Emerald manual?

I am sure either DW or DA would know…

Cheers. Pete :smiley:

Thank you all (particularly those trying to help me not lose count. Have you tried with it on the car?! :stuck_out_tongue: )

42 sounds about right, I’ll give that a try.

Cheers, Ian

About right aint gonna really cut it Ian.

Get on your hands and knees and start counting man!!!

Sean buddy, I admire your drive for perfection but inaccurate datalogging is probably not the most risky pass time :wink: but when you see me on my hands and knees at Oulton you know what’s going on (and before Pesky chips in, it’s not an invitation!).

See you tommorrow!

Ian :slight_smile: