Speed in gears? Info need to set up Torque

To set up the profile for my Torque plugin on Android it is asking for my speed at 2000rpm in each gear? I can look on the speedo but I’d like to get it more accurate than that.

So any clever buggers on here who can work it out based on gear ratios etc?

S2, 6 speed Toyota engine. Started life as an NA

Any help would be much appreciated

Use the gps speed off torque itself if all else fails ?
I think Ade once had a graph of ratios tho …

I’ll have a look to see if I still have the spreadsheet

Try this spreadsheet from Gearboxman
I used it to select a FD drive ratio to go with my Kaaz gearset

In case anyones interested this was given to me on SELOC:

Mph @2000 RPM Mph @4000 RPM

11 21
16 32
22 44
28 56
39 77
40 81

Mph @6000 RPM Mph @8000 RPM

32 42
48 64
66 89
84 113
116 155
121 161

somewhere in that the maths doesn’t work on the multiples and gaps between gears but it should be close enough for most purposes.

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[quote=jfk]Happy birthday Mark …
Is your age in the first table or the second ?? [/quote]

5th Gear at 2000rpm :crazy:

Its better than bouncing off the limiter in 6th like Pesky!!! :smiley: