Spec Racer Price

What would a fair price be for a single seat spec racer from the 2001 series? One of these cars: http://www.lotuscars.co.jp/used/LM/Autobytel-Red-White/index.htm What are these cars refreed to as on the message boards? ELise, Exige, Motorsport Elise, Spec racers?

Lotus have two of these left and are selling for between 25 and 28ooo pounds… It depends on engine spec you want…

That’s Mark Cole’s car and would have won some races.

DO you guys know of a site were I can find out more about the races. I would like to do some reseach to find out wich of these cars have been wrecked.

It was 25.000 GBP, with just new head gasket, or 28.000GBP with a complete engine rebuilt.Not sure if to pay for the rebuild there was the best idea as I Know the people who have bought ex Hyla Breese’s car with the rebuild option, and the engine has last…just a few laps.But the cars are really super top configuration (brakes, suspension…) so at 25.000 I thought it was quiet an interesting deal, as when it works it is seriously quick.Xavier.