Spax or Nitron suspension

Have found these avaialable online to order, what do you guy’s think. I’m leaning towards the nitron, 200 quid more, but specifically valaved for our cars and the option of race setup.

Anybody know of anything better, perhaps bilstein from the motorsport.

Thanks Guy’s


Nitron, Nitron, Nitron!

Never heard a bad word about them, from those who have fitted them. In fact, just the opposite!

I understand that Lotus are shortly to offer Ohlins (for the Exige S2 at any rate), for around �1200.

Thanks Pesky, that’s what i expected they seem to have put alot of owrk into tuning them for these car’s so i think i will stick with a known product specifically for our cars rather trying something cheaper and having to set it up myself.

Nitron are usually more than �200 more than Spax.

Spax are okay if you have no money and a standard Elise. I’d stick with LSS over Spax, but Nitron are better than both, and I have actually run all 3 systems.

Thanks Mark, the nitron i have found is 849, but after looking at their web site they seem to do many more, although i think the race setup at 849 just might do the trick. I don’t mind spending the extra but just want to make sure i buy the right stuff.

As with anything you end up junking the cheaper one’s sooner or later for the good one and it costs you more in the long run.


i think you already decided but NITRON get my vote…

you only have to look around at who are running them and the reports you get, not only about how good they are but also the quality and customer service you get.

Unless you know the plusses and minusses of tweaking i’d also suggest you get the ones with the single adjustment for bump and rebound. It sounds like you already spoke to Guy and have found out that they spent a long time getting the valving right for our cars… (i think they can change this for you individually if you aren’t totally happy??)

I haven’t had any real problems with my Nitrons, except for them being a bit tight to adjust sometimes, normally when it’s pissing down with rain, and they are covered in road sh-1-t.

Guy is a star, and always willing to help with advice!!

I have not tried Spax though, to be fair…

Thanks Guy’s

Yes i went for the nitron, with the single adjustment as i did not went to spend hours upon hours tweaking them, The only change i might have to make is the spring rate which we did for the standard suspension anyway. Must be honest in that i have not heard anything bad about the spax suspension, but have just heard so much good about the nitron’s.

Have had some gear linkage issues so i have not been able to get the car out at the track, but i will definitely post my opinions on the nitron’s as soon as they are fitted. They should arrive next week and i will have them fitted and take the car out to the track on Sunday and give it a shakedown. Have also gone for a 3X stiffer ARB to compiment them.

Thanks for the input it really helps.