Spark Plugs

The local mechanic said to me, not in so many words, that my existing plugs are crap, and I should change asap.Discuss.

Why are they crap ? - the heat range suits the engine, they are cheap at �10 a set from Halfords and work just as well as those platinum jobbies i had !!or was he saying that it was just YOUR plugs are crap [image][/image]

I wondered if it was the plug(s) that caused my recent misfire. B&C say a quick clean was all that was required to fix it (although the little cynic in me wonders if they’d done something silly and not told me).Cheap fix but annoying.Ian [image][/image]

What plugs have you then Russ ?We all know NGK are the best anyway [image][/image]

That is my point - th’exige come with Champions as standard.

There is nothing wrong with the Champion’s IMHO, how long have you had them in the car Russ?I change them every 6000 miles as due to the wasted spark system thats the same as 12000 miles compared to a car with a dizzy, like i said at �10 a set its no big deal.Anyway dont want to start a Champion vs NGK vs Bosch war [image][/image]

Neither do I, I just wanted opinions. It came about after the great misfire debacle. I have no problem with them, but I would rather know if there is summat better, natch.