Spark Plugs

Quicky,Anyone know the part no of Exige spark plugs (VHPD Engine type?) also would ‘super titanium twin spark gold tipped blah blah blah’ be any better?ta etc.Phil GT

Phil,The Exige spark plugs are: Champion RC6 6YCC, gap=0.033".As far as I know, this is a very good one already and no complaints so far, could try another type, but even for racing I haven’t heard anything bad from these.Cheers,Uldis

The plugs are available from Halfords - RC6 YCC,(�10.50 a set) Lotus printed an additional 6 in the owners manual !!Dont forget the Exige runs wasted spark which will wear expensive plugs out quicker, I tried the platinum plugs that Eliseparts have but the heat range on them wasn’t correct, they ended up glazed.