spare wire in boot

I connected my accumate this weekend and whilst I had the battery out I noticed a spare wire with a black 2 pin connector tucked behind. It seems to be separate from the others.

Any ideas?


Found it myself last week.
I have asked Lotus what it is.
As my car goes for its first service this week and they told me they would look at it then.
I checked my mates 111R yesterday and he dose not have it???


spare for the hairdryer maybe ?

I have one to

I believe the 111R wiring is different from all other S2 Elise and Exige. On the Bell and Colvill web store it says that 111R wiring may need altered to fit the new LED tail lights, but other S2 and Exige should be ok.

LED Tail Lights

Makes sense.

I am having the gear lever done next week so will ask the dealer.