Sparco Touring Seat - It can be done

Have trimmed front edges of the seat slightly to curve around the edge of the trasnission cable cover. And will be fabricating some new rails tomorrow,wasn’t prepared to pay lotus prices for something i can do myself. will post some pics if anyone is interested, not as hard as i first thought and supremely comfortable. This hould also help my knee problems as we should be able to rake seat back slightly.

Any pics?


Will take some of mounting frame and seat when it is installed, decided not to modify current seat runner and make up new one’s so it’s gonna take a day or 2 longer. But at least i can replace the standard seat easily if need be.

Some Pics, Seat is supremely comfortable. I can now fit my hand between the top of my head and the roof. And as a bonus it has no movement on the rails which the adjustable rail had. Bit of a bugger to tighten up but well worth the effort, would reccomend a competition seat to anyone spending alot of time on the track.

Sparco Pictures


That’s some seat! Getting in & out of the car must be interesting, though

Cue sparco removeable hub and no problems. It is extreme but my sister will be racing the car next season as well and i am not prepared to compromise on safety as i am prepping the car myself now, so noone but myself to blame should things go pear shaped.


are you running the car without the passenger seat? Just wondered whether one will fit in next to the drivers

Fits without any problems, we removed it for easier access.