Spa Trackday Incident

I believe this happened earlier this week to “Jackal”, a well known UK petrolhead. He’s a very lucky boy

Clicky - Big file but worth the wait


Hmm, yes. A good lesson about not leaving the vehicle until it’s safe. Although easier said than done after a shock like that.



Underwear soiling stuff

Very sad …

But at least they walked away eventually !!

Not nice

Take care out there guys

It was Tuesday.


happened shortly after this also at the same place (but not related)


From the video the silver car seemed way offline to start with.

I don’t think there were any other major incidents over the two days. The conditions were as perfect as you could ever get them - temp in the 20s and not a cloud in the sky. Plenty of confidence to really attack some of the high speed corners.

Here’s how it looked from the Honda’s perspective.

cant get it to down load

wow just d/loaded from the site makes u realise how easily it can all go wrong