Spa (+'Ring) - July

I know this probably seems a bit premature as the event is not until July 1/2 but it’s a popular event and one of the best dates in the track calendar by all accounts (not been meself yet). Wheeltorque normally hold a four day track session, split into two days each but this year only 1 two day session is on so it makes sense to book early if you are interested as places are limited to 150 @ �595 per driver.Anyway, it’s an open pit lane at Spa and the Nurburgring is only about an hour away so we could take that in aswell - it’d be rude not to. Plenty of interesting cars should be there such as F40’s, old race cars, etc so even mooching about the pit lane should be fun. If we can organise an Exige contigent together even the long journey will be part of the adventure. [image][/image]If you are interested in this event, visit Wheeltorque’s website and pre-register - no deposit required but it will give you priority when they start taking bookings in January.

Very tempted!What does the �600(!) get you?Any rebate if your car dies at the first bend?I guess I better check their site… Ian [image][/image]

Ian, your �600 (yikes!) gets you two days track time and a jacuzzi with 10 of the most beautiful ladies in the world. [image][/image]AFAIK, no rebates for falling off the track.Just found out today that my sister is getting married on the 29th June - arrrggghhh - so I’m now going to have problems making this event. The only way I can do it is to drive over the week before, leave the car and fly back to Belgium on the 30th! Not ideal. [image][/image]