SPA Dash

Im changing my MPH version to KPH -

If anyone is interested to have my old MPH dash with a new loom and sensors let me know.

These things are 826 UKP new - so looking at about 550 UKP


Is that a compliance issue mate??

Pete !

No … its an eyesight issue … I cant see the KM very easy !!

KM… I cannot see any KM at all!!! :unamused:

Pesky will be along with the ‘Specsavers’ soon I am sure! :laughing:

A proper Spar dash…

After a Naan I think!!! :smiley:

OK - so my great Idea crashed and burned … new dash not compatible with old sensors or wiring … so now … plan B

could reconfigure the dash so it runs the speedo faster than it should so you can use the MPH scale for KPH

odo you could reprogram for clicks too

Yes you could do this ( although it will go to 150 mph so 160 KPH is a bit slow :wink: ) - but SPA will change the foil on the original unit to KPH - just that I have to return the unit … means I have to wait longer to drive the damn thing here … good things come to …

IIRC one of the main reasons for putting the SPA in was that the Stack only went to 8k rpm. It would be somewhat ironic if the new one bent the other needle before you even got to a ton :laughing:

By the time you get it on the road bud, your Missus will want to come home!

Look forward to catching up at the end of the month…

ha yea,

I want a dash for mine, as the rev counter is nearly as annoying as the shift light that never goes out.

Mate you won’t need to rev the sh*t out of it anymore now you’re CC+SC :sunglasses: